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Alice in Wonderland sketch - took 4 days total to complete.

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A quick Beyonce sketch, because “Countdown” has been on repeat for the past 48 hours.

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Family holiday card, 2013.

Hey guys, I have a new art tumblr and art twitter, if you’re interested in following!

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A little witch illustration done for my dear friend Sarah, more can be found on my blog!

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Kimmiesue13 requested a Sid and Geno penguin iPhone background, so here they are! (And if you want a more shippy version, here’s one with a heart.)

I’m always willing to take requests so feel free to drop any in my askbox!

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A Pittsburgh Penguins iPhone background I made for Hannah! It’s stealable and if you want a specific Penguin (or group of Penguins), I will take requests.

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The giant bent down
and spoke softly to the girl,

"If this is but your dream little one, then please sleep a while longer.  There is so much more I wish to see." 
Tiny Story HERE on hitRECord (not by me), illustration HERE (by me).
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There’s some new New Girl art up on the blog!

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New art is up on the blog, because sometimes you just need some lady pirates.

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This new card (as well as some other great stuff) is up at my Etsy shop!

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